The Troublesome “More” Line

The question is, how best can a widget be added at the “More” line in a WordPress post?

All other layout options can be simply implemented using the WordPress-supported Sidebar feature, but this seems not to be the case for the “More-line” placement.

It should be a very straightforward exercise, but the way WordPress is structured, this is not the case.

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Kenneth A Grimm

Kenneth Walter Walter Harmon Joseph John Andrew Andreas, a.k.a. K. A. G. Sundaram, a.k.a. Kenneth A. Grimm, is a father, a pastor, a missionary, a political consultant, a YouTube personality and a computer engineer. He has served churches in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Louisiana, the Philippines, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan and India. He designed, built, and programmed his first programmable computer more than a half-century ago at the age of thirteen, and continued his career primarily in realtime embedded microprocessors, both hardware and software design. He is currently the site editor at RubyTapas, the producer of nearly a dozen YouTube channels, and the chief software engineer at Black Bayou Software.

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