New Plugin Spec: My Mirrors

Specifications before coding, or iterative product development; which?

Having just watched several videos (thank you Avdi) in which the wisdom of various software gurus were elucidated, I can see that the accepted answer is…

You’re wrong! Heretic!

…regardless of which side of the argument… …. …

So, regardless, I have completed (well, nearly completed) a spec for a new WordPress plugin.

Actually, a whole family of plugins, a freebie and three levels of Pay Me.

It is called….

(drum roll, please…)

My Mirrors

My alter-ego Peter Paranoid was concerned about YouTube deplatforming, and went looking for a plugin to support mirrors for video embeds. (He had already found inexpensive off-shore bulk hosting vendors.)  For WordPress he found…

Nada! Bupkis! Nothing!

And so My Mirrors was born.

Now, in a complete reversal of my usual let’s-quick-make-the-lights-blink style, I have written an entire user manual before writing a single line of PHP.


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Kenneth A Grimm

Kenneth Walter Walter Harmon Joseph John Andrew Andreas, a.k.a. K. A. G. Sundaram, a.k.a. Kenneth A. Grimm, is a father, a pastor, a missionary, a political consultant, a YouTube personality and a computer engineer. He has served churches in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Louisiana, the Philippines, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan and India. He designed, built, and programmed his first programmable computer more than a half-century ago at the age of thirteen, and continued his career primarily in realtime embedded microprocessors, both hardware and software design. He is currently the site editor at RubyTapas, the producer of nearly a dozen YouTube channels, and the chief software engineer at Black Bayou Software.

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